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Standard Bed Pillows

Standard Bed Pillows

The-best-feather-pillows you will ever buy! Try our standard feather and down filled pillows which measure 18" x 28". Each pillow is filled by hand with a generous amount of filling to provide maximum comfort and support.

Standard Pillow - Duck Down - £140.00


Our luxurious white duck down pillows are filled generously and offer supreme comfort. They are soft but give support as they mould into the shape of your neck and shoulders.

Size: 18" x 27" (45cm x 70cm)
Density: Soft
Filling: Duck Down

Standard Pillow - Down and Feather - £85.00


Our medium to soft density duck down and feather pillow has a high proportion of down. The down provides luxurious comfort and the feathers give a level of support without being too firm.

Size: 18" x 27" (45cm x 70cm)
Density: Medium/Soft
Filling: 60% Duck Down/40% Duck Feather

Standard Pillow - Feather and Down - £36.00


A medium density pillow, hand-filled with white duck feather blended with 15% duck down. The higher proportion of feather offers support while the duck down gives a level of softness.

Size: 18" x 27" (45cm x 70cm)
Density: Medium
Filling: 85% Duck Feather/15% Duck Down

Standard Pillow - Duck Feather - £20.00


An excellent value pillow filled with white duck feather to a medium/firm density. This popular choice is ideal for those who are looking for a good level of support in a pillow.

Size: 18" x 27" (45cm x 70cm)
Density: Medium/Firm
Filling: Duck Feather

Looking for something special?


We specialise in small one off orders and can make up our entire range to any size and density required from your templates, covers and measurements. Contact us for a quotation or post your existing covers to: The Feather Company, 36 Canaan Lane, Edinburgh, EH10 4SU

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