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A perfect balance

Breathe new life into your home this year with responsibly sourced feather and down products from The Feather Company.

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The Feather Company

Producers of fine feather and down products since 1969


Everything is produced in our Edinburgh-based workshop — we personally tailor and hand-fill our products on-site to ensure the highest possible quality.

Cruelty free

We only use sustainably-sourced, quality feathers — all of which are ethically sourced from Europe and comply to the Downpass and Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Family owned

We’ve been family-owned since the very beginning, passing down our passion and experience from one generation to the next. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we work, please read our Environmental Policy and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Make your mark with personalised embroidery

Tailor your order by adding your name to our hand-made bedding.

You can personalise the 100% natural white cotton outer by embroidering your name or initials. Never lose or accidentally swap your pillow again!

Please note that this service takes slightly longer to produce — please allow two weeks for delivery.

Pillows that can be personalised are:

Personalised duck down pillows by The Feather Company

The Feather Company: A history of excellence

Our company was originally established in Edinburgh in 1969 by David Monro under the name of “Snuggler” — at that time, duvets were a new idea in the U.K and were available through only a handful of retailers. Our first duvet was made up in David’s bedroom at the family home in Edinburgh. He quickly gained a reputation for quality and had to employ extra hands to help cope with the growing demand.

During the early 1970’s, our duvets twice received the “Best Buy” recommendation from Which? magazine. Sales rocketed and more spacious premises had to be found, first in York Place and then George Street, Edinburgh.

The Feather CompanyThe Feather Company feather and down products

Replacement Sofa Cushions

In addition to new pillows, cushions and duvets, we also specialise in the refurbishment of existing sofa cushions. Using the same principles of high quality and the best materials, we can give your favourite furniture a new lease of life.

If the cushions on your sofas or chairs have become flat and uncomfortable, we can replace them with completely new sumptuous, plump cushions.

We can fill our cushions to any density required in a range of natural feather and down fillings. We also specialise in Feather-Wrapped Foam cushions which can be made up to fit your sofas, chairs, window seats and bench cushions.

Fillings available:
— Feather-Wrapped Foam
— Duck Feather
— Feather & Down (85%/15%)
— Down & Feather (60%/40%)
— Duck Down

If you have a piece of upholstery that would benefit from replacement cushions, we can help. Simply contact us with your measurements, or send your templates or covers to the workshop and we will give you a quote for filling them with our unique feather and down fillings.

For more information, please visit our dedicated site, Feather Wrapped Foam.

Feather Wrapped Foam feather cushion replacement

The Feather Company

We’re a small family business providing excellent service with high standards. We make up our soft furnishings and bedding to last for many years.

Over the decades, we’ve built up a lot of knowledge and expertise through simply working with — and selecting — the highest quality feather and down material. All of our products are hand-filled to specific weights using the highest-grade materials. We choose our feathers and down based on the following criteria:

Ethically sourced

All of our fillings are ethically sourced from Europe and comply to the highest levels of regulation, namely the Downpass standard and Responsible Down Standard (RDS).


Understandably, we select our feathers and down based on the quality of comfort it will impart to the final product. In doing this, we remove and disregard feathers that are tough in form, selecting only the best material for the job.

100% natural

All of our products are completely natural, using only high-grade organic fillings, 100% cotton cambric and natural threads for tailoring.


Our supplier chain is regularly monitored and revised based on our own commitment to a more sustainable relationship with the environment. We’ve recently removed large quantities of plastic from our packaging and are always working to cut down waste in all areas of our business, the wider industry and further afield.