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Premium feather pillows, bedding and soft furnishings, hand-tailored in Edinburgh

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From premium European feather pillows to duck down mandarin designs, our selection uses the very best materials. 

8 products

Feather Pillow

Duck Feather Pillow

Duck Down Pillow

Duck Down Pillow with Ticking

Neck pillow

Mandarin Travel Neck Pillow

V-Shape Pillow

V-Shape Pillow

square pillow feather

Continental Square Pillow

feather cushion

Duck Down Pillow



Pillow bolsters give structure and style to your bed, combining the comfort of feather pillows with the size and shape more commonly found in soft furnishings.

4 products

Round duck feather bolster

Round Duck Feather Bolster

Flat Duck Feather Bolster

Flat Duck Feather Bolster



For over 50 years, our award-winning duvets have been at the heart of our business. We have two core products, both using our famous ‘channelled’ technique allowing the down to travel within the material for maximum comfort.

2 products

down duvet

Duck Down Duvet

summer duvet

Summer Duck Down Duvet


Cushion pads

Replacement or new cushion pads can breathe new life (and comfort) into your living areas. Our expansive range covers most standard and niche sizes.

3 products

feather cushion

Oblong Cushion Pads

feather cushion pads

Square Cushion Pads

round cushion pad

Round Cushion Pads


Pillow cases

Hand-measured, 100% cotton pillow cases designed to give a snug fit every time.

7 sizes available

The Feather Company pillow cases

Pillow Cases


​From duvets and pillows to bolsters and cushions, our 100% feather and down products are consistently 5-star rated by our loyal customers.

Our materials


Premium duck feathers

(Medium weight, highly supportive)

Duck ‘feathers’ have long, supportive spines that help provide support within the pillow or duvet. Due to their difference in structure, down and feather work differently inside a pillow or duvet. Feathers tend to line up and when under the weight of your head they create a more supportive pillow. With feather fillings, you sleep on the pillow.


Premium duck down

(Extra light, maximum comfort)

Duck ‘down’ consists of small round clusters of fluffy material, typically found under the exterior of a bird, such as the belly. Unlike feathers, down clusters are fluffy and spherical, they tend to move away from your head as you lay on the pillow. So, you sleep in a down pillow and this is where you get that super soft, cloud-like comfort.


100% natural cotton

(Chemical free, breathable)

We only use premium grade cotton in our down-proof covers. We’ve used this for over 30 years as there’s no substitute for the real thing — an excellent natural material and is free from any harmful chemicals.