Bespoke craftsmanship for new and existing projects

Re-covering Duvets & Pillows

If you have a duvet which is starting to perish at the ends or discolour, you can send it to us to be completely re-covered into new channeled 100% cotton cambric case.  We can re-cover it into a larger or smaller size and can add more down or feather to make it warmer. 

Duvets can be made up from your old eiderdowns, pillows and cushions.  We can also combine several items to make up a well-filled duvet. 

Our recovering service also applies to pillows.  Pillows can be made up from your old eiderdowns, bolsters, duvets and cushions.  We can fill them to any density required.  For pure down pillows, we recommend using a single case.  For heavier feather fillings, we recommend using a double case.
How it works:
To proceed, simply send us your old feather or down products for inspection – we’ll have a look and let you know our recommendation, costs and turnaround time (usually 3 weeks).  We’ll contact you to confirm the cost before proceeding with any work.  Once approved, we start the work, re-covering, refilling or topping-up as agreed.  We then send your rejuvenated duvets and pillows back to you.

Indicative costs for refilled products

Recover Duvets:-
Single: £60.00
Double: £90.00
King Size: £110.00
Super King: £130.00
Recover Pillows:-
Single Case: £12.00
Double Case: £16.00
UK Postage & Packing: £4.95p per order.

Replacement Sofa Cushions

If the cushions on your sofas or chairs have become flat and uncomfortable, we can replace them with completely new sumptuous, plump cushions.

We can fill our cushions to any density required in a range of natural feather and down fillings. We also specialise in Feather-Wrapped Foam cushions which can be made up to fit your sofas, chairs, window seats and bench cushions.
Fillings available:
— Feather-Wrapped Foam
— Duck Feather
— Feather & Down (85%/15%)
— Down & Feather (60%/40%)
— Duck Down
If you have a piece of upholstery that would benefit from replacement cushions, we can help.  Simply contact us with your measurements, or send your templates or covers to the workshop and we will give you a quote for filling them with our unique feather and down fillings.
For more information, please visit our dedicated site, Feather Wrapped Foam.

Custom orders

Finally, we also specialise in small, one-off orders and can tailor our entire range to any size and density from your templates, covers and measurements. From saddle bags to Turkish bolster covers, Romanian salt sacks and leather pouffes, we’ve stuffed them all!

Utilising existing materials
We can combine several old or existing products to make create a number of well filled products. We’ve made various duvets from old down pillows, creating a ‘new’ product from quality materials that might otherwise go to waste.

Bespoke pieces

We work with furniture makers, antique dealers, upholsterers, interior designers and individuals to create pieces for collections and one-off orders.  Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate on a project – we would be happy to discuss the endless possibilities that our premium feather and down products can contribute to.

Bulk orders
Similar to bespoke pieces, we are often asked to create larger quantities of custom design, shape or density.  If you are in business and are looking to make bulk orders, please get in touch to see how we can help you create the best feather and down products for your audience.

How to proceed
The best way to enquire about a custom order is by emailing us with details of your requirements.  This could include sizes, quantity, frequency of orders and any deadlines that you may have.  Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.